Exploring The City Of Liverpool On A Rainy Day Trip

  I turned 26 two days ago. I had previously planned a birthday trip to Brussels but cancelled at the last minute. As a planner that I am, I prepared an alternative which was a day trip to Liverpool. I had such an exhilarating experience and I can’t wait to share it with you. Why […]

All The Healthy Habits I’ve Imbibed In 2019 So Far

The other day, I mentally began to take stock of all the healthy habits I’ve started in 2019 and I was so proud of myself. I started 2019 with a vague goal of becoming healthier but I didn’t think I was gonna go all out. I just thought I was gonna try to eat healthier […]

How Social Media Affects Your Mental Health

When I read articles about how social media affects your mental health, I used to think it is one of those things. I always found a way to downplay the accuracy of that fact until it happened to me. I moved to Manchester, England about six months ago and I did not start to feel […]

My First Experience With National Express

Moving to Manchester, England from Lagos, Nigeria means that I’m suddenly exposed to a myriad of both local and international travel opportunities. For the first time ever, at the beginning of 2019, I created an international travel schedule. I’ll talk more about how I plan my travels in subsequent posts. But most recently, I expanded […]

A Brief History Of My Dry Dehydrated Skin

    For me, skincare has always been a sensitive issue. From a very young age, I knew that I had a ‘bad skin’ because it felt and looked different. It was far from being glowy, moisturized and/or attractive. Thankfully, I didn’t allow it to deter me so much. As much as I was affected […]