10 Things To Do In Paris in Two Days (2020 Guide)

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Before you continue this post, please read the first part of my solo travel guide to Paris on a budget.

To be honest, I was incredibly excited to finally visit Paris. So much that on my first day, even though I could not sleep all through the night because of a snoring Indian, I jumped out of my bed as early as possible. I had breakfast and by 10am, I was on my way to the Effiel Tower. Can I just say that Google Maps saved me throughout my trip? I did not need to talk to anyone for directions or consult a physical map. It was everything and then some.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, my planned itinerary was split into the five transportation zones into two full days of exploration. But I was so excited that I tossed my itinerary out and literally just winged it.

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Day 1 in Paris

  • Visit the Eiffel Tower

Ticking off visiting the Effiel Tower off my bucket list was such a thrill. Even though, the weather was not exactly the best; it was mostly cloudy. I walked toward the Champ De Mars Tour Eiffel while enjoying the view from La Seine river. I feel like La Seine is the equivalent of the Thames River in London. As I walked closer to the Effiel Tower, I felt like crossing over to touching it but I restrained myself. Instead, I took a bunch of photos and videos, bought a lovely charm bracelet and fridge magnet and walked towards the Pont D’lena bridge. Can I just say here that Paris has so many bridges? I couldn’t keep track.

As I walked past the bridge, the idea was to get the perfect picture with a backdrop of the Effiel Tower but the light wasn’t good. So I just kept walking around La Seine. I got to Trocadero Gardens and asked an Asian couple to try again. They did but it didn’t work instead they took some cute pictures of me which I loved so much.

Stil by La Seine, I started walking on a pathway called Av. de New York. Opposite was were a series of similar buildings called Av.du President Kennedy. I had to stop, admire the architecture and take pictures. They were so gorgeous. The buildings were all the same which made the symmetry even more attractive.

Right in front of me was another bridge called Pont de Bir-Hakeim. At this point, I was still looking back to find the best frame with the Eiffel Tower.

Just ahead of me was the Monument de la France Renaissante where a few people where taking photos. Turns out that was the perfect place to stand to get the perfect Eiffel Tower backdrop. I walked as fast as I could so that I would find someone my height to take pictures for me. I eventually did even though it was in a rush. She took some really great photos of me before she had to go to her Crazy Rich Asian clients. Yup! Turns out, she is a photographer! Asian + photographer? Count me in! All through my trip, I found out that Asian strangers took the best photos of me. What can I say? Lucky me!

  • Go wine-tasting at the Wine Museum

Before leaving the Pont de Bir- Hakeim Bridge, I checked my map to check for any attractions nearby. It said the Wine Museum was just a few minutes away so I went to check it out. On second thought, I shouldn’t have walked all the way to the entrance because I don’t drink. But I did and still turned back. The only consolation was I could still admire the architecture on Av du. President Kennedy.

  • Learn about Japanese culture at Maison de la Culture du Japon á Paris

When I was done, I came back to the Pont de Bir – Hakeim Bridge and decided to grab some lunch. But before then, I had planned to stop by the Maison de la Culture du Japon á Paris but their opening hours was from 12 noon and I couldn’t wait. I took the Quai Branly road towards the Rue Jean Rey street to grab lunch at Le Fils du Boulanger. It’s important to note that at this point, you could still see the Eiffel Tower from different angles. It felt like a statue hovering over the entire area in a good way.

At this point, I consulted my map again to pick where to go next. I can’t exactly remember where I wanted to head to but I went back to the Bir – Hakeim train station and it was locked. I was so pissed. At this point, I had started to move around in circles. I needed to explore one last attraction before it got dark.

  • Take pictures at the Chateau De Versailles

But then three words came to my head: Chateau De Versailles. Since it wasn’t located in the Paris City Centre, I needed to take a different train entirely. I found my way and I was in Versailles in about 30 minutes or thereabout.

The first thing I noticed when I disembarked from the Versailles Chateau Rive – Gauche train station was the vibes. There was something different about that district. I can’t exactly pinpoint what it was but it felt like royalty. This just meant that I was in for a treat! But before I continued my walk, I had to stop by the only KFC outlet I had seen throughout my trip to grab some hot wings and ice cream. Then I proceeded to find the Palace de Versailles as fast as possible which wasn’t so far away.

Walking through the Avenue de Paris, you could see the Chateau De Versailles from afar. But before you got there, you had to pass through the statute of King Louis XIV and security. As with everything in Paris, getting through the gates of the Palace de Versailles required tickets. If you didn’t have, the front of the gates was your last stop.

The first thing I thought when I saw how majestic and grandeur the structures were, was that they looked like the gates of heaven. Literally. I took it all in even though it was raining and as always did not forget to take as many pictures as possible.

  • Climb the Tour Montparnasse

To end the day, I took another train from Gare De Versailles Chateau Rive Gauche and found myself at Gare Montparnasse to look for the famous Tour Montparnasse tower which is supposed to be the highest point in Paris.

At this point, I was exhausted and ready to call it a day.


Day 2 in Paris

When I got home the previous day, I decided to appraise my day to determine the important attractions I needed to squeeze in on my second day in Paris. Turns out, I still had quite a number of important places I needed to go. But this meant that I was gonna save the cathedrals and churches for another trip.

  • Excite your inner child at Disneyland

The first place I needed to go in my second day was Disneyland. It was located by the outskirts of Paris which was about an hour away by the RER train. As always I woke up bright and early to begin my hour long journey to Disneyland. To be honest, it was so long and easily the farthest I’ve been outside the airport. But when the train finally stopped at Chessy, it suddenly made the long commute worth it.

Disneyland felt magical. I felt the magic about the park in my veins. It felt how Disneyland was supposed to feel and I wasn’t disappointed. Thankfully the weather was bright and sunny so I took gorgeous portraits and landscape pictures. As much as I wanted to spend the entire day there, I couldn’t because I still had the rest of my itinerary to cover. Regardless, I walked from the Walt Disney Studios to the Disneyland Park Resort before exploring the rest of the Disney Village. As always, I stopped by the Disney Store to get a fridge magnet and then walked a bit further to get some ice-cream. I did all of these while being super conscious of the time. When I was finally ready to leave, I was pleased with my visit.

  • Visit the Louvre Museum & Pyramid

Next up was the Louvre Museum. I absolutely could not leave Paris without visiting the Louvre Pyramid. This was the first attraction asides Disneyland that was buzzing with visitors. I honestly did not expect the crowd I saw. But it wasn’t so bad because that way, I could find some Asians to take some great pictures of me. Again, while being time conscious, I couldn’t go into the Louvre Museum which means that I’m not even sure it was free but it was good to visit.

  • Climb the Arc De Triomphe

At this point, I just decided to touch down at as many places as possible and just take pictures to show that I was there. Next was the Arc De Triomphe. While it would have been nice to climb the actual monumental structure, I was fine with looking at it from afar and wondering how gorgeous it would be at night. For the first time, I actually saw people at the top of the Arc and kept wondering how they got there. Lol.

  • (Window) Shop at Champs-Élysées

Turns out, one of the roads that leads to and from the Arc De Triomphe is the famous Champs-Élysées Avenue. Is your brand a global brand if you don’t have an outlet at Champs-Élysées? As I walked down that avenue, I enjoyed seeing all the popular designer brands buzzing with customers flocking in and out.

I didn’t even know how far the avenue was, I just kept walking until I got to the one and only Louis Vuitton outlet! What?!! I’ve never actually seen a queue at a designer brand face to face. The queue at Louis Vuitton was revealing, to say the least. I used my phone to zoom in to see the actual number of people waiting outside the building rather crossing over. All in all, it was a good experience.

  • Pay homage to the Notre Dame Cathedral

To wrap this amazing trip up, I quickly found my way to the Notre Dame Cathedral so see what was left and how far the reconstruction was going. This was easily the most heartbreaking part of my trip. As I walked around the building to watch the exhibition displayed on the walls, I felt my chest tighten by the destruction and loss of important artefacts. But thankfully and Paris being Paris, the renovation has begun and I can’t wait to see the result when I return back to Paris.

I spent a while at the Notre Dame Cathedral even though it was sad to watch but I eventually left and watched the sun set at the Pont St. Louis bridge.

Visiting Paris was such an unforgettable experience for me and I’m so glad it was able to kick off my European tour.

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