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Manchester Life: How To Cope With The Frequent Manchester Rains

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If someone had told me that it rains this much on my way to Manchester in December 2018, I might have turned back. But here I am, eight months later with my umbrella and hoodie in tow.

The worst part about the rains in Manchester is how unpredictable they can be. You can literally be looking at the weather forecast trying to find the next sunny day for some nice outdoor photography and before you know it, the rain clouds would gather. Half the time I complained but now I’m just tired and learning to live with it. While the rains do not exactly affect the day- to – day activities in the city, it generally affects the mood. There’s definitely something about the change of weather and your mood. Apparently, it is called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Ideally, the symptoms of this disorder would start at the beginning of autumn all the way till winter. But because we live in Manchester where it rains ALL the time thereby affecting the temperature, this SAD affects us all through the year.

Manchester Life: How To Cope With The Frequent Manchester Rains
One of those days when the weather is actually nice.


One of the biggest challenges of living in Manchester is learning to rise above the gloominess that comes with the rains. This is because if you’re not careful, the weather would affect you so much that you wouldn’t be able to get anything done.

So, what are my top tips for coping with the frequent Manchester rains:

  • Come to terms with it. If you’re anything like me and nobody prepares you ahead for the frequent Manchester rains, you’re gonna have a hard time coming to terms with it. So the first challenge you need to overcome is accepting that the rains are part of life in Manchester. It might be hard. It might take a while but when you do, you can easily make progress.
  • Prepare for it. Once you have accepted that it rains frequently at any time without any warning, it’s easier for you to take the next step of preparing for it. The typical Manchester uniform is a hoodie and a jacket. The combo is sure to keep you warm and cover your head from the sudden rains till you reach your destination or the nearest bus stop. It works but I personally don’t like looking like a student because I’m not one even though I get asked all the time. Instead, I prefer to carry a portable umbrella in my handbag. A few times, especially when it rains back to back, I forget but most times, I don’t. It has taken a permanent spot in my handbag. In fact, my family friend says she has four umbrellas scattered everywhere. You never know when the rains would come from nowhere.

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Manchester Life: How To Cope With The Frequent Manchester Rains

  • Incorporate it into your routine. After preparing for the frequent rains, another important step you need to take is to incorporate the weather into your daily routine. For instance, I make sure that I have warm food available at all times even though I’m tempted to stock my fridge with Greek Yogurt and Cold Sandwiches. I also make sure I run for at least 30 minutes on the treadmill because the frequent rains mean that I might not be able to run outdoors at often as I wish. So if there’s any way the rains affect your routine, try to work around it and find alternatives.
  • Learn to work with it. The difference between April and August is that I’m less cranky when it starts to rain. Yes, I might pass a snide comment to myself or anyone around me but I’m more accepting of it. For someone that works from home most of the time, I make sure I always have my hoodie and warm socks beside me at all times. If I need to do a photo walk or go on a city break, I make sure I check the weather forecast beforehand. All of these little things here and there makes life more bearable.

So, if you’re a tourist coming to Manchester for the first time, while you check your weather forecast ahead of time, please have it at the back of your mind that it rains all through the year.

If you’re relocating to Manchester, make sure you invest in a lot of hoodies and/or portable umbrellas.

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