London Walking Tour | Via South Bank to Westminster Abbey

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My very first trip to London was fun even though I thought the city was overcrowded and chaotic.

My friend came from the US and asked if I wanted to hang out with him in London. While I didn’t have plans for Christmas and New Year because I was working, I thought it would be fun to do something spontaneous for a change. So I booked a return train ticket from Manchester Piccadilly the next day after my trip to Blackpool. Yeah, I knew I was setting myself up by planning two-day trips back to back. But I really had no choice.

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London Walking Tour | Via South Bank to Westminster Abbey

My London Walking Tour

When I arrived in London via the London Euston station, my friend and I agreed to meet at the Millennium Bridge. For some reasons, he was being delayed but we needed to meet up somewhere to began our London exploration together. So I jumped on a bus and ended up on the Blackfriars bridge.

After going back and forth a bit, I decided that I wasn’t going to wait for my friend again. I was gonna get started with a short walking tour. Just before I decided where to go next, two women approached me and asked the direction to the London Eye. Apparently, it was just close by and I had no idea. I figured I could easily start there and go as far as my feet could take me. Whatever happens, my friend and his friend would find me.

My actual London Walking Tour Itinerary.

From the Blackfriars bridge, I walked towards the Marigold Alley and came out through the Oxo Wharf Tower on South bank.

Lo and behold, I was facing the iconic River Thames. I waited for a while to take in all serenity of the river. If I had my way, I would have stayed there for much longer just watching the river but I just took pictures and kept it moving.

Next, I took the Queen’s Walk towards BFI Southbank where there were a bunch of kids playing with soap bubbles. It looked like fun and I wished I could join them. Instead, I joined a few other people to watch the kids for some minutes.

Now, this is where it got busy with foot traffic. Apparently, just ahead of me was the London Eye and it was the holiday season which means it was fully booked and busy. There was literally no space to breathe. But before I got there, I watched a few kids skate at the Southbank Skate Space.

Then I did some window shopping at the ongoing Southbank Winter Christmas Markets as well as the Southbank Centre before climbing up the Waterloo bridge. Again, it was busy so it wasn’t so enjoyable.



Next, I came down the bridge, found some girls my height to take some pictures by the London Eye Pier.


Finally, I got to the Coca Cola London Eye and just stood in awe. Yass! I was here! Finally!

Just under the London Eye, at Jubilee Gardens were a few attractions like the Charlie Chaplin statue, a saxophonist giving a romantic rendition of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On and On and the Golden Carousel to mention a few.

I tried to enjoy myself a bit but it was just so crowded. Instead, I took a few videos and walked towards the London Marriott Hotel County Hall which housed the London Dungeon.

Further ahead was Shrek’s Adventure London. At this point, it was time to head back to the South bank to wait for my friend.

When they finally arrived, we found out way out of the craziness by walking towards the Westminster Bridge. This time, my friend decided to consult Google Maps to help us navigate a few attractions before it got dark.

From the Westminster Bridge, we walked towards the Palace of Westminster while watching the sunset and taking goofy pictures.

We ended our walk at Westminster Abbey before taking a bus to Hyde Park to catch a glimpse of the Winter Wonderland. We got there to meet another concert-like queue. Of course, we just took pictures and headed home.

What next?

I feel like I just narrated one-quarter of London. This means that I would definitely be coming back and sharing my London adventure series so watch out.

Watch a short clip of my brief London Walking Tour:

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