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Manchester Life: How To Plan Your Commute During A Major Event Like Manchester Pride Weekend

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Last weekend was dedicated to Manchester Pride. While I had seen the online announcements and offline campaigns, I didn’t think the parade would affect me because I don’t live around the city centre. But last Saturday, I had to go to work and it didn’t click until I was halfway into my commute and I noticed the disruption notice at the bus stops. I almost discovered too late but I was lucky that my route wasn’t directly affected even though the buses were delayed.

I’ve lived in Greater Manchester for about eight months now and one thing is for certain; there’s a lot of public awareness especially if there’s a major event going on. We have two major stadiums in the city and we are the third-largest in the UK. There’s almost always something going on. Now it is completely up to you to pay attention or ignore. If there’s one thing this last weekend has taught me, it’s that I need to pay more attention to my surroundings. I have this bad habit of staying in my own bubble.

As a millennial who literally lives on the internet, there are two ways you can plan your commute during major events in Manchester such as the Manchester Pride Parade:

  • Via Manchester Evening News
  • Via Google Maps

A combination of either or both of these ways will help you plan ahead and prevent unforeseen circumstances around your commute.

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Manchester Life: How To Plan Your Commute During A Major Event Like Manchester Pride Weekend

Manchester Evening News

Manchester Evening News or MEN for short is easily the one-stop platform for news and happenings in and around Manchester. While I don’t exactly go to their website regularly, I follow them on my personal Twitter which is really enough for me to stay updated on happenings in Manchester. The only time I actually follow the links to their website is if I need more information about something. There was a time when I was curious about the Parklife Festival as well as the Thai Festival that took place in my neighbourhood. I went to the MEN website and found all the information I needed.

Keeping up to date with MEN helps you stay abreast of all the events that happen in Manchester. Thankfully, they give credible and relevant information way ahead of time. So if there’s an event happening on a particular weekend around a route along your commute, checking MEN beforehand would help you avoid disruptions.

Google Maps

Last weekend I discovered a super cool feature on Google Maps. The route for the Manchester Parade was outlined in rainbow colours. So when you log into the app, there is absolutely no way you would miss the rainbow colours. I thought it was really cool all though I have never noticed it before as this was my first time. But I like to think it is a new development to prevent traffic and to contain the disruptions caused by the parade as much as possible.

Hopefully, this applies to other major events in the future. If you know how to navigate Google Maps properly, you can actually save yourself a lot of time getting around. So this is a major thing to learn.

If I learn about any other method you can use to plan your commute while living in Manchester, I’ll make sure I update this post.

Since moving to Manchester, I’ve been visiting nearby cities via a coach. Read about my first experience using National Express coach service.

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