5 Self Motivation Tips for Smashing Your Goals

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This post will be sharing five self motivation tips to help you smash your goals

I’ve always been able to motivate myself. I spent the better part of my early twenties on a self discovery journey. This was actually what led to the creation of my first blog. I needed an outlet to document my learning and experiences as I discovered myself as an individual. Even before then, I spent a lot of my teenage years reading self-help books. For some reasons, self – help books always got a bad rep but they helped shaped the mindset of an 18 year old girl a lot. I couldn’t be more thankful for that experience.

Reading self-help books as teenager and discovering myself in my early twenties spiked my confidence levels. As such, I become self-reliant early. I didn’t wait for anyone’s approval to do stuff particularly my parents. I just did them because I was motivated enough to follow through. Starting my first blog, running a business and moving to another country are some of goals I have been able to accomplish through self motivation.

5 Self Motivation Tips for Smashing Your Goals

As a result of that, I’ll be sharing my top five self motivation tips for accomplishing your goals.

  • Know yourself

As I mentioned earlier, I spent a lot of time on a self discovery journey. I spent time learning about myself and what drives me including my strengths and weaknesses. I learnt about my core values and personal goals. All of these information helped me learn about myself as an individual. I feel like this is a vital aspect that a lot of people don’t even think about.

A self-discovery journey is one of the most import things you can do for personal development. How do you want to improve on yourself when you don’t even know who you are? I’m forever thankful for taking that decision years ago. As it helped informed a lot of the choices and decisions I made later in life. Knowing yourself also helps you learn about your attitude to work. Are you someone that is naturally self-motivated or will you need to learn how to be? Can you take initiative or do you need someone to tell you want to do? These are questions you need to ask yourself.

  • Have clear cut goals and document them including the steps required to achieve them

If you want to achieve certain goals, you need to have them first. Some people just make a mental note to do something and never follow through because it wasn’t prioritized as a goal. It was just one of those things that was nice to have. You need to have clear cut goals. Sit down, have a brainstorming session and decide what you want. Document your goals and include the steps that you will need to achieve them. This is so important and so underrated. For instance, if you want to start a blog that makes money, one of your goals should be all the monetization options that you can actually do. Having clear cut documented goals helps with clarity and will motivate you to achieve them.

  • Visualize your results/success

Maybe writing down your goals didn’t quite give you that motivation you needed. You can try visualizing your results and success. Vision boarding has become quite popular lately. A lot of people are using vision boards to visualize their goals and apparently it works. You want to work with Fenty Beauty for instance, include the logo and short notes on your vision board. You want to launch a product or start a YouTube channel? Include it in your vision board with the name of your channel and your desired number of subscribers and partnerships. Regardless of whatever learning method works for you, you will definitely find a way to visualize your goals. The process of visualizing your goals and the end results will definitely spur you into action.

  • Be accountable to yourself

This is where it gets tough because a lot of us are used to having accountability partners or even none at all. While I don’t diminish their importance, you should also learn how to be accountable to yourself first. Practice self-accountability by being true to yourself. Give yourself deadlines and work towards it. Use calendars, planners, notebooks and every tool available to you. Don’t overlook or take it for granted because you’re doing it for yourself. Take it serious! Ask yourself the hard questions. How long did should I have taken to do this? Why did I choose this method rather than the others? The more you take it serious, the closer you are to attaining a new level of self motivation.

  • Reward yourself when necessary

Listen, life is hard. Adulting is harder. If you achieved one major goal in a week, give yourself a cookie or two servings of Oreo ice cream. You deserve it. Rewarding yourself is also a way to motivate yourself to work even harder. If you have been planning to buy the latest Louis Vuitton bag for instance, give yourself a goal to smash before buying it. You’ll see how much you can achieve when major rewards are in place. But don’t overdo it. You’re not a child. The effects can wear off quickly except you have a lot of money to splurge. The only exception is if you’re making more money. Let your rewards be reasonable.

In conclusion, there’s something about self motivation that improves your confidence. Been able to achieve your goals by yourself is very sexy! This doesn’t means that you wouldn’t need people. Of course you will. No man is an island. But instead of depending on people, you’re depending on yourself. You’re not waiting for someone to tell you to do something before you do it. You’re waking up, creating your to-do list and getting down to business! Doesn’t that sound like something you want? I truly hope it does.

If you learnt from these self motivation tips and you’re determined to put in the work, learn how to improve your productivity while working from home in this post.

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5 Self Motivation Tips for Smashing Your Goals

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