21 DIY Creative Crafts for Adults on Lockdown

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This post will suggest 21 DIY creative crafts adults can do while social distancing.

Like everyone is saying, it is officially day 12 of social distancing/quarantine and day 2 of lockdown here in the UK.

How am I feeling you might ask?

I’m holding up.

I spent the better part of my career working from home so I’m not a stranger to it. But this time around, instead of burying myself in work, I’m shaking up my routine with activities. From gardening to reading, blogging and stuffing myself with homemade cupcakes.

The other day, I saw tweets from people complaining of being bored and not knowing what to do with so much free time. So, I went searching for creative crafts to do this period. Naturally, it was only kids crafts that came up in the search engine until I had to tweak the search term to reflect ‘adult activities’. I figured that there are tons of adults like me at home who can’t go to work but need to distract themselves from the news and social media. So, I came up with this list.

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21 DIY Creative Crafts for Adults on Lockdown

Here’s a handy list of 21 DIY creative crafts for adults while on lockdown.

While I understand that some of these activities will require supplies, I wouldn’t want you to get into trouble with police or government for leaving your home. I suggest you pick the ones that you can easily do at home. This means that you can make use of items around your home.

The other suggestion is to get supplies from your local grocery store since we’re only to get essential items. For instance, I got seeds and compost for my garden from my local Aldi. So, look through the activities and pick one that you will enjoy. Then research the supplies you will need to get it down. Finally, find out if you can get them from your local grocery store. You can check their website for availability.

Another option is to order supplies from online stores that still deliver. The postal services in the UK aren’t affected by the lockdown so you should definitely get your order.

Now let’s get into it!


The last time I did any form of scrapbooking was in high school. It was something I did regularly. But then I finished high school and real-life happened. There was really no time to go back to it. But now that we all have so much free time, it is something you should definitely try if you’re into it. Best thing? You might already have the supplies you need around your home.

Watch the YouTube video below to get started.

Collage Art

Similar to scrapbooking, collage art is also something you can do this period especially if you’re naturally artsy. Being artistic is actually a huge bonus right now because you can use one skill for different fun projects. I’ve seen quite a number of mind-blowing crafts on TikTok. If you have a Poundland close to you, you can get art supplies include plain canvas there.

Collage Art for beginners.


This is also another fun DIY creative craft that I discovered. I never knew decoupage was a thing much less something you can easily do at home. So, if you have furniture or items around the house that need refurbishing, you can try decoupaging them. Again, being artsy comes in handy here. This way, you can experiment with different designs.

Learn how it is done.


Another thing I used to do back in the day was knitting. I think the last thing I knitted was a muffler in elementary school. It wasn’t the best but it turned out okay. If knitting is a hobby you used to enjoy or you would like to learn from the scratch, you have plenty time to do so right now.

Here’s a helpful video for you as well.


Quick story; a couple of days before I started social distancing, I saw the prettiest sewing machine at the charity shop for an absolute steal. Fast forward to a few weeks later, I’m regretting not buying it. Sewing is such a great skill to learn during this period. In fact, a friend of mine is ordering a sewing machine from amazon as we speak. Learning how to make clothes for yourself, your friends and your family is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Here’s a handy video for beginners


I’ve always been curious about the difference between crocheting and knitting and I’ve finally gotten around to learn about it. According to, both are really methods of looping yarn together, just in different styles. Knitting uses a pair of long needles to form the loops, moving a set of loops from one needle to another. The stitches are held on the needle or “live”. Crochet uses a single hook, to hook the loops together directly on the piece. Meanwhile, someone on Quora says;
while crochet is easier to learn, once you learn knitting, your applications increase. It makes for better sweaters, socks, gloves, hats, etc. On the other hand, crochet makes beautiful afghans, blankets and warm mittens, scarves and hats and items can be finished a lot faster. So, make your choice!

Learn how to crotchet towards winter!


This is one of those DIY creative crafts for adults that I see on historical Korean dramas. It is one of the compulsory skills that’s required to be learn if you come from a noble family. It is a fascinating craft to say the least. I applause people that are committed to the craft. If embroidery is something you’re interested in and the supplies are easy to get, go right ahead.

Fuel your curiosity and decide if it is worth your time.

Self-Portrait photography

As an upcoming photographer, I’m pretty pumped to not be able to take my spring pictures. The weather has been so gorgeous lately that I’ve just consoled myself with some self-portrait and product photography. You can do so as well. Take a step further from taking selfies to self-portrait photography especially if you have a camera. This way you’re killing two birds with a stone by creating great content and learning photography. If you don’t have a camera, you can always use your iPhone.

Learn how to get started at home:

Video editing

You want to make YouTube videos since forever? Now is the time. Go on Udemy and grab a video editing course to get started. EOD

You can also start with a YouTube video as well.

Candle making

Listen! While researching activities, I never knew how easy it was to make candles. I would have started long ago. I can tell candle making will be an addictive hobby because of the desire to experiment with different essential oils and fragrances. Spice up your home with lovely scent with your homemade soy candles. I suggest you order supplies online. I doubt you will find any supply store open right now.

Candle making for beginners:

Jewellery making

To be honest, jewellery making can easily get complex but we’re not about to go that route. We just want to make simple fun jewellery that we can wear when we go back to home. We also want to be able to show off our handwork to our colleagues.

You can easily get started with making tassel earrings. (the layered ones are easily my fave!)

Soap making

If you’re tired of using commercial soaps that have harsh chemicals, you can easily make yours. But before you do, ensure that you can get access to the supplies. There’s no point starting a project and leaving it halfway for lack of supplies.

Learn how to make soap at home:


This is also another fun DIY creative craft that adults can truly enjoy. This is because you’re fully involved in the creative process of transforming seeming mundane things like furniture into master pieces. Slightly similar to decoupage, upcycling doesn’t particularly require you to make artistic designs. An old furniture can be painted into a monochrome colour as long as it works for you. Thankfully, you can also get supplies for upcycling at your local Poundland. Better still, order online.

Pick one or two projects to get started

Watercolour painting

Can we agree that artists sometimes have all the fun? They easily have one of the best skills ever! Can you believe that I actually contemplated buying a craft pad with watercolours a few weeks ago? Smh! Anyway, even if you don’t have the talent for art, you can just paint something abstract. Don’t put yourself under the pressure to create something perfect. You’re literally just engaging in this activity to distract and de-stress yourself from a pandemic. So, take it easy!

Watercolour painting for beginners.

Colouring books

Remember what I said about some requiring little to no activities? If you can’t get adult cookbooks on short notice, take one from your kid brother. Plus they also have an endless supply of crayons. This is the time to share with them. While this activity will occupy and distract you, you’ll also get to bond with your sinking. A win-win situation if you ask me.

Enjoy and learn the process!

Interior design

So, I’ve been seeing some pretty gorgeous makeovers on TikTok and I think it’s such a fabulous idea to redecorate your house during this period. But it will actually only make sense if you had planned this earlier and you have supplies. Yes, I’m very bent on having supplies for your project. You need to be sure of what you have at home and what you can get on short notice before starting. Alternatively, learn how to use Origami for stunning DIY Home Decor.

Some tips to inspire you!


Calligraphy has been one of those skills that I wish I could learn. I don’t know if it’s just me but there’s something so enchanting about being able to write like that. If you want to learn this period, YouTube’s got you!

Calligraphy for beginners

Jigsaw Puzzles

Just in case you get bored with board games, you can always try jigsaw puzzles. Yes, I intentionally did not include jigsaw puzzles in my list because I know it has more or less become a default activity for most people. So, step away from that and play with some jigsaw puzzles. You never know how many hours of boredom you can kill by simply being occupied.

Naturally, there’s a video for everything on YouTube. Enjoy!

Pom-Pom making

The arts and crafts section of Pinterest can be very interesting because you’ll find some projects you never even thought of. Yes, making pom-poms is a thing because you can include them in other designs. E.g bookmarks. If you’re gonna make some Pom-poms, find out what else you can easily make from it.

Here’s a useful tutorial!

Bath bombs

Bath bombs used to be trendy a few years ago. But you never know if it will make a comeback before the end of this period. You can have fun making them with or without your kids. If you make excess, you can save them to give as gifts when we have a semblance of normalcy.

Learn how to make bath bombs.

Mosaic Art

According to, the main difference between Mosaic and Collage is that the Mosaic is an image made from an assemblage of small pieces of coloured glass, stone, or other materials. Collage is a technique of art production using an assemblage of different forms. I included both collage and mosaic art in my list because I know they can be used interchangeably even though they are different. So, pick one or both based on the supplies you have in ground. Don’t forget to keep your work and frame it when you can. It makes for a good keepsake.

Make a mosaic art easily.

Phew! What a list! I enjoyed putting it together and I hope you do to. For those of us working from home, you might burn out soon. So, spice up your routine with any of these activities. For those of us that are stuck at home not able to go to work; make sure there’s a balance in your routine between activities that bring you money (e.g applying for a job or working on your side hustle) and de-stress you (any one above.)

I hope you enjoy my list of 21 DIY creative crafts adults can engage in while social distancing and quarantining.

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  1. These are cool arts to do during this isolation. I’ve been drawing illustrations. Thank you for sharing.

    1. ebunoluwole says:

      Illustrations sound cool! You’re welcome!

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        Just came across your blog for the first time, and I must say loved it 💜 and you wrote some really great options there. 🎉

        1. ebunoluwole says:

          Thanks so much Anna!

  2. I have been making and editing and scheduling my videos on YouTube since I’ve been home! It’s all so new to me. So it’s definitely taken up some time! Thanks for sharing!

    1. ebunoluwole says:

      Sounds fun! I’ll probably take up YouTube before the end of the lockdown.

      1. I just started yesterday, but I already enjoy it and am thinking of my next vlog topics! It will be background for me for a while, as I am really trying to establish my blog! Thanks for the comment! 😊

        1. ebunoluwole says:

          You’re welcome! Have fun!

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    Love this! Great ideas! I saved this to my Learn and Play at Home Pinterest Board!

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