5 Best Home Workout Equipment That Will Keep You Fit

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This is a post about the five best workout equipment you can buy for your home.

Except you’re living under a rock, I’m sure you might have been following the news of the coronavirus outbreak. I live in Manchester, UK where the cases are not exactly alarming yet but are growing rapidly. It doesn’t even help that a couple of days ago, Britons started panic buying and stockpiling groceries and toiletries. Anyway, this just means that the coronavirus is hitting closer to home. So it is time to take precautions.

Last Thursday, unknown to me, I went to the gym for the last time. When I was about to leave the next day, I started to realize the implications of going to the gym. I just decided that it was better safe than sorry. This meant that I would have to start working out from home. I mean I hate to see my hard work go down the drain just because I decide to practice social distancing.

The first thing I did was to access my current home workout equipment and decide what I would need to attempt to sustain my tempo at the gym. Of course, I can’t replicate the intensity of my gym workouts at home except I want to break my house. What I can do though is to try to create a routine with the equipment I have or can get in short notice.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

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5 Best Home Workout Equipment That Will You Fit

These are the 5 Best Workout Equipment you can get for your home.

  • Exercise/Yoga Mat

5 Best Home Workout Equipment That Will You Fit

This is actually a no-brainer. While you might think that your floor/rug/carpet is suitable for exercises, you need to think about the type of home workouts you would be doing. Believe me when I say that exercise mats work better especially when you’re planking. They give you the grip and stability required to hold a plank for as long as you can or any other core related exercises. If you can’t order one online, check your local charity shop or TKMaxx for great deals on exercise mats. I got a 120mm thick mat for about £8 at TKMaxx. An absolute steal if you ask me. Alternatively, get one from Amazon.

  • Dumbbells

5 Best Home Workout Equipment That Will You Fit

If your anything like me and dumbbells are a major part of your gym routine, then you should get one for your home workouts. A couple of months ago, I got a pair of 2.5kg dumbbells from eBay. Even though I had issues with the customer service of the brand, the dumbbells have served me well so far. But then, after a few weeks with them, I realize that I would need to compliment them with a bigger weight. So, last Friday, I went on eBay (can you tell how much I love eBay? Yep! It’s my staple online shopping app after AliExpress) to search for a good deal on 5kg dumbbells. Thankfully, I did see one again for a steal. I can’t wait for it to be delivered to me. Except you own a home gym, I don’t see any reasons for you to buy more than two sets of dumbbells. Just buy a pair of light and moderate dumbbells and it will serve you all through this coronavirus lockdown. Here are some options from Amazon.

  • Jump/Speed rope

5 Best Home Workout Equipment That Will You Fit

For the first time in months, I included skipping into my cardio routine and I honestly didn’t want to stop. That’s how much I enjoyed it. Thankfully, I’ve ordered one for my home workouts and I can’t wait for it to get here. Jump ropes are super handy home workout equipment because they’re easy to use and store. You can either decide to skip outside your home or in the park. I don’t think you would want to skip indoors though to avoid damaging your floors. If you don’t have one already, you should definitely get one here.

  • Resistance band set

5 Best Home Workout Equipment That Will You Fit

In recent times, resistance bands have become increasingly popular for glute workouts. I haven’t tried them yet because I haven’t seen the need to. But I reckon I might be getting them soon. But there was something else I discovered recently that could come in really handy; the resistance band set. This is particularly good if you would like to do some intensive full-body workout without the heavy equipment. I definitely have this in my shopping cart and you should too. It is worth noting that the resistance band set comes in different variations. So make sure you chose the one you would enjoy using. Get a good set of resistance bands here.

  • Pilates Bar

5 Best Home Workout Equipment That Will You Fit

Another interesting home workout equipment I discovered is the Pilates sticks. I love how the fitness industry is innovating new home workouts equipment. I saw the Pilates Sticks for the first time in a Korean drama and I went hunting for it. Of course, I found it and fell in love. While it might seem just suitable for yoga, I think it can also work for full body home workouts. Get yours on Amazon.

These are some of the basic home workout equipment that should get you sorted. Don’t forget to get your accessories like your gloves and knee pads. If you’re gonna be running outdoors, don’t forget your running gear as well.

Watch out for my other posts where I share more workout resources during this period. You can get familiar with my old workout routine using the Nike Apps.

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