StyleVana Haul: First Impressions & Review

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This post will be sharing my most recent haul from Stylevana.

Before COVID, I bought all my Korean Skincare products from eBay. I had a go-to seller based in Korea who was affordable. Every time I ordered from her, I got my orders in exactly two weeks with extra samples. No-fuss, no nothing. Just great service. But then COVID happened just as I placed my order for my last product. Unfortunately, to date, it never arrived but they were pleasant enough to give me a refund after a couple of months.

To keep up with our new reality, they had to use the very limited shopping options available to them. So they went from free Economy shipping to an outrageous standard shipping fee. I messaged them and told them that I won’t be patronising them as a result of the shipping fee. But I would come back if or when it eventually goes back to normal. Fortunately, it has because I placed an order a couple of days ago.

But I couldn’t wait for three months for things to go back to normal. I had to look for alternatives. But then I wasn’t really looking as I knew that I wasn’t gonna spend a ridiculous amount on shipping. I’d rather wait until COVID had subsided. Fortunately, I belong to the Asian Beauty Skincare Addicts Facebook group and everyone was dealing with the situation one way or another. Naturally, different websites started to spring up that ship from Korea/Asia worldwide. One of which was StyleVana.

I spent hours checking each of the websites out and finally settled on StyleVana simply because of their great prices.

StyleVana Haul: First Impressions & Review

First Impressions & Review of StyleVana

Without wasting too much time, here are some of the best things about StyleVana:

  • Great Prices: Across the board, they had one of the cheapest prices I had seen. This was easily what pulled me in. I could buy more for less.
  • £30 Free Shipping: Given the whole COVID situation, it was great to see that they had bounced back to normal as fast as possible. While every other website was giving £50+ free shipping, StyleVana still remained affordable for £30.
  • Fast shipping: Altogether, my order took 3 weeks to arrive in the UK. Actually two weeks from Korea and a week from the courier company. This was because unbeknownst to me, I chose some products that were currently not in stock so it took longer to ship. Otherwise, I think it would have come earlier.
  • A wide selection of brands: Every time, I get new Kbeauty recommendations, I always go over to StyleVana to save them in my wish list against my next purchase. More often than not, they always stock the brand. Asides from the limited selection of Japanese Beauty products, they have most the Korean Beauty brands you can think of.
  • Attractive perks: Even before placing my order, I had a couple of coupons waiting for me. One from the newsletter signup and another for creating an account. After my order had been shipped, I was still given another coupon towards my next purchase. That is three coupons with just one order. Amazing customer service, if you ask me.

With all these perks, StyleVana has easily become my go-to website for Korean Skincare products. Now, let’s dig into my first haul.

My First StyleVana Haul

When I finally ready to place my order, I was spoilt for choice. I was literally in a skincare paradise. It was extremely hard for me to settle on these because there are still so many products I want to try out but eventually I did. To deal with my dilemma, I ended up buying products I never tried before. So, instead of restocking my faves, I got new stuff.

StyleVana Haul: First Impressions & Review

Full Sized Products

  • Hada Labo GokuJyun Hydrating Milk: I’m currently using the light hydrating lotion for my summer routine so I thought I should try out the Milk version. I’ll keep you posted on a comparison post. – SHOP
  • Klavuu Nourishing Lip Sleeping Pack: I currently use the cult favourite Laneige Lip Mask but apparently Klavuu is supposed to be better. So I’m trying it out to see how it goes. – SHOP
StyleVana Haul: First Impressions & Review

Small Sized Products

Personally, I like to buy small/sample size of products because it saves me money and prevents me from being tied down to one product. Korean skincare is usually generous in quantity. It can actually take you 6 months to finish a 100ml bottle. Like every other skincare junkie, I’m usually bored after a month or two. With sample sizes, I can use a product for 4 – 6 weeks and move into the next one.

  • Banilla Co Clean It Zero Special Duo Cleansing Balm: I actually can’t believe I haven’t tried this bestselling product. Anyway, better late than never. I’m excited to try this and find out how it compares to my current cleansing oils. – SHOP
  • Laneige Cream Skin Refiner: This is supposed to be a great moisturising toner but we’ll see how it goes. – SHOP
  • Some By Mi Yuma Niacin Brightening Sleeping Mask: Yes, I clearly have a thing for sleeping masks. Also, I’ve never tried any product from Some By Mi. Plus, this looked good and I wanted to try one product before investing in the entire range. SHOP
  • Soon Jung Skincare Trial Kit: I’ve always wanted to try the Soon Jung range. It felt like everywhere I turned, someone was using it. I’m soo excited for this one. – SHOP

Here is an unboxing video. Follow me on TIKTOK for reviews of each of these products.


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StyleVana Haul: First Impressions & Review
  • IUNIK Serums: Iunik is one currently one of the trending brands alongside Purito and I was excited to buy a batch of samples. – SHOP
  • Purito Centella Unscented Serum: This was a free sample I got from StyleVana. Unfortunately, I was disappointed by this because I usually get up to five samples when I buy a single product from my regular vendor. So yeah, StyleVana you need to do better. You have no idea how much these samples help. This way I can try a new product and if I like it, I buy the full size.

As you can tell, I’m so pleased with this haul from StyleVana. As I mentioned earlier, they have now become my staple destination for Korean Skincare products.

What Korean products are you trying at the moment?

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