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Where To Find Networking Events In Manchester To Attend

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Where To Find Networking Events To Attend In Manchester

When moving cities as an adult especially without a family, the stakes are different. Compared to emigrating as a child or even a teenager where your parents take the initiative to do most things for you, as an adult, you have to do things by yourself. One of which is meeting people and making new friends. One of the simplest ways you can do this as a professional adult is by attending networking events. About eight months ago, I moved to Manchester. While I’ve have not made that many friends yet, I’ve been able to manoeuvre my way around networking events in Manchester.

You can not appreciate the extent of how technology has made our lives easy until you move to a new city without knowing a single person. In 2019, technology has advanced so much that you do not need to know a friend’s aunt’s cousin before making a move. We have tons of apps and softwares that literally exist globally to ensure that you do not struggle in any aspect of your life particularly networking.

When I moved to Manchester, I knew I was going to be attending a lot of industry events and conferences. This was because I was moving to a completely new territory and I needed to acclimatize myself one way or another. I didn’t have any friends or colleagues in Manchester so I was literally alone but thankfully, I found my way around soon enough.

One of the fastest ways to learn about an industry is by moving around with people in that industry. I’m in the Digital Marketing industry and it is only natural for me to attend relevant Digital Marketing events and conferences to hear how it works in England. But where was I able to find Digital Marketing events to attend to network and meet new people?

6 Places To Find Networking Events In Manchester


This is was the fastest way for me to find marketing conferences in Manchester. This was because I was already familiar with Eventbrite from Nigeria plus it is a global brand. I figured the website had been optimized for countries, cities and local SEO in general. So it shouldn’t be that hard to find events to attend. The first set of conferences I attended were through Eventbrite. So at the beginning of the month, I log on to the website to find events and conferences to attend for that month.

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Where To Find Networking Events To Attend In Manchester

Meetup has easily become my new favourite website. In the absence of marketing conferences, I decided to find local meetups to attend just to ensure that I have somewhere new to go to every month. Just as the name implies, helps people with similar interests find each other. Whatever interest you have or want to pursue in your new city, you’ll be sure to find your kindred spirits on But in the absence of that, if for some reasons you can’t find a group you like, you can always create yours and organize your meetup offline. This is currently one of my short-term goals.


As a professional moving to a new city, LinkedIn is such an incredibly powerful tool. Apart from helping you find new jobs or local clients, you also have the opportunity to network with people on a one-on-one basis or find networking events to attend. Professional networking events are often always publicized on LinkedIn. The trick is just to find them. You can do this by adding local professionals to your network. That way, when they host or publicize an event, you won’t miss it. If you know how to utilize LinkedIn’s advanced search, you can also search for the events. Btw, in 2019, you should absolutely be using LinkedIn for personal branding just in case you move to a new city and need a new job.

Where To Find Networking Events To Attend In Manchester

Other Social Media Platforms

Facebook groups, Instagram and Twitter are also a few platforms you can find networking events to attend in Manchester but the trick is to follow the people and pages that organize these events to stay in the loop.

Billboards & Banners

Depending on how big the event is, you can find some billboards and banners advertising major events around Manchester. There was an event I wanted to attend but I wasn’t quite sure of. But then I saw a huge billboard explaining all the details I might have missed. Best believe I attended that event and didn’t regret it. So you just need to take your eyes off your phone for some minutes and observe your surroundings.


EventCity is easily the biggest go-to event centre in Manchester before or after Old Trafford. This means that their website is constantly updated with all the events that they’re slated to host in advance. A couple of months ago, I checked the website for all the events that would take place there till the end of the year. After going through it, I discovered there was none that particularly interested me till the end of the year. This way, I always able to focus on other platforms like to supply my events.

Networking is hard enough. You shouldn’t have a hard time finding networking events to attend.

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