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This post will be sharing my free dry skin product guide.

Just as people that have really bad cystic acne, my dry dehydrated skin is something I’ve had to deal with all my life.

It was frustrating and made me incredibly insecure even from a young age. There were days when I woke up with ashy skin because I didn’t moisturise well the day before. While a friend of mine had a swell time peeling the scales off my skin, I was deeply affected by it.

I made up my mind that I was going to invest in my skin one way or the other. When people mock others for having unnecessarily long skincare routines like The 10 Step Korean Skincare, they have no idea about our struggles. They have no idea how this seemingly intense routine has sparked so much joy by giving us the glowing skin we desire so much.

Why the Dry Skin Product Guide?

Between last year when I got a skincare breakthrough and now, I’ve run through quite a number of products; about 50 or so to be exact. I spent a lot of time doing trial and errors with products and eventually found my staples.

Dry Skin Product Guide - Free Download

These products have helped my skin thrive so much. That I’ve gone from a dry ashy to a hydrated glowing queen. For that reason, I haven’t had to wear makeup for over 6 months now. The only time I did was just Ruby Woo lipstick on my vacation.

One day, I looked over stash and realised that I had gone through quite a number of products.

Then it hit me!

Someone somewhere is definitely struggling with their skin and will need recommendations just like me at the beginning. Skincare is hard enough. While trial and errors are inevitable, you want to save time and money going through various products. How nice will it be to find your staples in one go? Especially when recommendations are coming someone that has a similar skin type to yours.

This is why I created the Dry Skin Product Guide.

I want to fast-track your progress to hydrated glowing skin.

Dry Skin Product Guide - Free Download

Who is the Dry Skincare Product Guide for?

To be honest, I created this guide specifically for people with dry dehydrated skin in mind.

People that have had this skin type for years and haven’t found their holy grail products.

But then if you suffer from occasional bouts of dry skin especially in the winter, you can definitely find this guide useful.

It contains 35 carefully selected proven and trusted products specifically targeted to dry skin.

From cleansers to essences, hydrating serums and sunscreens, each skincare step has product recommendations that you can choose from.

If this guide is something right up your alley, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!

Dry Skin Product Guide - Free Download

The Dry Skin Collective Facebook Group

After creating the guide, I realised that I’ve never really found a community for people specifically with dry skin. There are always generic skincare groups for all skin types.

So, I thought I should create one for us to share our struggles and celebrate our wins and fave products. Who knows, you might find your holy grail toner in the group as well.


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Dry Skin Product Guide - Free Download

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