Inexpensive Ways To Have Healthy Teeth

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I like to think that I’ve always had healthy teeth. Asides from the minor discolouration that I’ve had over the years from my diet, I’ve not had any reason to visit the dentist for a procedure. Not yet, at least. I have a really low threshold for pain so I’d rather not do anything that would cause me to take a tooth or three out.

As a result of this, I try to practice good oral hygiene. While I still need to visit the dentist for a regular checkup, the bulk of the work of maintaining healthy teeth still resides with me. Just as I prioritise my skincare routine and maintain healthy habits, my oral hygiene is not left out. Plus, I wouldn’t want to be tagged as that person with a bad mouth odour.

Inexpensive Ways To Have Healthy Teeth

Here are five inexpensive ways that you can have healthy teeth.

  • Educate yourself about the requirements of a good oral hygiene

Granted, we have probably been taught how to care for our teeth in school but most of us have probably forgotten. Asides the basics of daily brushing, there are definitely some other things that you should be doing-especially if you don’t have regular dental checkups. So, you either take it upon yourself to educate yourself or register with a dentist who will tell you everything you need to know.

  • Use a soft and gentle toothbrush

I used to be of the school of thought that the harder your toothbrush the better. Thankfully, I’ve changed my ways and I’m treating my teeth better. Choose a soft brush that is gentle enough to prevent damaging your gums. You really don’t want to end up at the dentist for your damaging your teeth with your brush. These days, electric toothbrushes seem to be more effective. Ask your dentist for a great recommendation.

Inexpensive Ways To Have Healthy Teeth
  • Choose a great toothpaste.

I don’t know about you but I’m particular about the kind of toothpaste I use. Just like skincare, I also choose my toothpaste according to my concerns. If I’m dealing with sensitivity, I know the toothpaste to reach out for. If I want to whiten my teeth a bit, I reach out for another type of toothpaste.

These days, I’m loving the Colgate Advanced White Toothpaste which gently whitens, polishes and prevents new stains. You can get yours from any Morrison’s outlet near you. Choosing a great toothpaste can be the difference between healthy and unhealthy teeth. So choose wisely!

Inexpensive Ways To Have Healthy Teeth
  • Always use a mouthwash and fluoride rinse.

Did you know that there is a difference between a mouth wash (which is usually non-fluoride) and a fluoride rinse? Yes, there is. A mouthwash just freshens your breath but doesn’t particularly clean your teeth. A fluoride rinse on the other hand, not only repairs early stages of tooth decay but also protects your teeth from cavities.

When the fluoride gets to your teeth, it is absorbed into the enamel and replenishes it with all the lost nutrients that keep your teeth strong. Read more about here. Going forward, it is either you get a two in one product or two separate products and use them daily.

  • Don’t forget to floss too.

Flossing is one of those underrated things that we do only when we remember or when there’s a piece of food stuck in our teeth. At least for me. Apparently, the best practice is to floss daily. It should be part of your daily brushing routine as well as your fluoride rinse. So, try to work it into your routine henceforth. It’s really for your own good.

In conclusion, I hope this post has been a great friendly reminder to work on our oral habits. As always, prevention will always be better than cure.

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