First Impressions Of The Inkey List

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This post will be sharing my first impressions of the new kid on the block; The Inkey List.

Lately, I’ve been spending quite some time on TikTok for various reasons. Once in a while, when I see videos talking about the same brand/products back to back, my marketing sirens starting wailing. I automatically check to see if there is a campaign going on. More often than not, there is one.

First Impressions Of The Inkey List

A few weeks ago, I started to see a lot of accounts in ‘Skincare TikTok’ talking about The Inkey List. Yes, I’d previously heard about this brand that claims to give The Ordinary a run for their money. But I never really paid attention to the brand. But then, I started to see more product demos and reviews on TikTok and I started to have second thoughts. Plus, they are pretty affordable. Also, I’m open to trying great products that work for dry skin.

So, I gave in, went to their website, found out there was free shipping till the end of June and bought a few things. Before placing my order, I struggled to pick products because I currently have a decent stash of products. Eventually, I went with three products and placed my order.

First Impressions Of The Inkey List

Two Major Things That Stood Out For Me From The Inkey List

The UI/UX of their website

I take the UI/UX of any e-commerce brand very seriously. I love when brands pay attention to the user experience of their websites. I hate chunky and 2008-looking websites. Bonus points if you have extra nice features like Recipe builders and whatnot. One look at The Inkey List website and you would see/know that it was created for their average customer in mind. From the videos that show their products in use to the various skin concerns and product recommendations. Their no-fuzz approach easily trumps The Ordinary website. (As much as I love Deciem, their website could definitely be more user-friendly with less scientific jargon).

The first thing I did after going through the website was their Recipe Builder. Even though I’m definitely an above-average user who knows a lot about skincare, I thought I should just try it for fun. It is such a helpful tool for beginners who are new to proper skincare and need a lot of guidance.

Trust me, there’s no such thing as too much information when it comes to skincare. A further look at their product pages shows even more detailed information about each product. From progress videos, ingredient spotlight, usage and layering advice. It is such an amazing multimedia experience. At least if you can’t read, you can watch. Which means you have no excuse for misinformation. Kudos to The Inkey List for making their website an enjoyable experience.

First Impressions Of The Inkey List

The packaging of their products

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any useful yet informative skincare packaging in a while. This is because a lot of brands pay a lot of attention to ‘aesthetic’ as opposed to functionality. The Inkey List opted for simple yet functional packaging. If I had to guess the inspiration behind their brand, I would go with simplicity. Simple yet functional. Yes, it’s nice to have Instagram worthy packaging but at what cost? Would you rather have an aesthetic packaging for popularity or a simple one that delivers value to your customers?

First Impressions Of The Inkey List

Just when you thought that their website has enough information, they went ahead to create a concise version for their packaging. Even if you don’t have the patient to read the info on their website, you have no excuse with the packaging.

Not sure when to layer the product? Check the packaging. 

Not sure when to use the product? Confirm with the packaging. 

Not sure how to pair the product with other products? The packaging is right there. 
First Impressions Of The Inkey List

Even after the quick delivery of my order, I couldn’t put it away immediately because I wanted to study the packaging. Once again, kudos to The Inkey List for thinking about the consumers.

What about the first impressions of the Inkey List products?

Unfortunately, this will be coming later on as I haven’t used the products yet. But I couldn’t hesitate to document my thoughts about the brand. I’ll definitely be using it soon and be back here with my reviews.

First Impressions Of The Inkey List

The Inkey List vs The Ordinary

I tried really had to not compare both brands because I have come to realise that there is room for both brands in the beauty industry. They both have their roles to play and it wouldn’t be fair to keep pitching them against each other. But if you really want to know the difference, I would say that The Inkey List is a refined version of The Ordinary. The latter offers an a la carte system where you are introduced to ‘raw’ skincare ingredients which you pick and choose until you find the right combination for you. The former on the other hand go-ahead to formulate the best ingredients according to your skin concerns. It all boils down to personal preferences.

I’m so glad that I finally took the plunge to try out The Inkey List. I currently started with three products but I’ll be trying more that works best for dry skin. So, watch out for my reviews.

Have you used The Inkey List before? What are your thoughts about the brand?

First Impressions Of The Inkey List

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