7 Cheap Ways To Practice Self Care Daily

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This post will be sharing six simple ways you can practice self-care in your daily life.

The last time I wrote about self-care, we were in the middle of a lockdown. I was mentally and emotionally stressed and searching desperately for an outlet. It eventually started to take a toll on my mental health and I shared my coping mechanisms. I began to practice and prioritise self-care and it made a whole lot of difference.

While I struggled to follow a routine during the lockdown, my self-care routine is the single most important thing that I continued post-lockdown. Right now, it has become a part of my daily life. It has also become a lifestyle. I’m glad I’ve gotten to this point where self-care is a priority for me. I’m also glad that I don’t need to have second thoughts or second-guess myself about anything that is important or useful for me.

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Here are seven ways to practice Self Care in your Daily Routine.

Take long showers.

The other time I shared my Easy Self Care Sunday Routine which mostly involves a full-body skincare routine. I still do that every weekend unfailingly. But another thing that I do now that has really help me is taking long showers. I know my water bill has probably gone up but it helps soo much. Obviously, I can’t take long showers every day so I restrict it to twice a week. I just stay there and let the water do its thing. I never noticed how soothing and comforting cold water could be. You should definitely try it.

Light scented candles

I never used to be a candle person. These days I have gone from owning zero candles to three all at once. I’ve also found myself being more drawn to calming and relaxing scents. Anytime I’m in a store, either TKMaxx or Primark, I always look out for great scented candles. They’ve added to the entire spa experience I have with my long showers. Did I mention how much a great scented candle can improve your mood? Yes, yes and yes!

Switch up your room/living space

I don’t know about anyone else but I love my room to be cosy and comfortable. I never really paid attention to room decor pre-lockdown. But then lockdown happened and made me realise that I need to invest in my space. I need to make it as cosy as possible. So, I asked myself, if we were going back to lockdown, what would I need to make my room a personal haven? I started to look into even more pillows, throws and general loungewear just to up the cosiness. Also, I didn’t forget my diffusers and humidifiers. I know lockdown wasn’t the best thing but I’m glad for that period to prioritise what matters.

Pick up a damn book

One of my favourite ways to practice self-care is by picking up a random book and finishing it in one sitting. There’s nothing like being lost in a different world for a while. It has a way of clearing your mind temporarily. So, if you need a good distraction or you just need some me-time for yourself, go on to Amazon kindle and pick an easy read you can finish in a day!

Bake something

I’ve spend spending quite a lot of time on Baking TikTok and I’ve been getting so inspired to just bake something. From four-layered birthday cakes to French macarons and mostly recently cloud bread. This has finally spurred me to get my own bakeware which will be the most adult thing ever after cookware. When I’m not so lazy, I make mean Victoria Sponge cake or a sinful Chocolate cake. I realised that this was my own outlet for practising self-care.

Learn how to make your hair and nails by yourself

While everyone was stressing about the lack of beauty salons during the lockdown, I was just chilling. Here I was switching up my hairstyle every two weeks because I could. While I’m not so into acrylic nails, I finally got around to trying out press-on nails. Simple things like doing your hair and nails might seem tedious initially but it is such a great way to practice self-care at home. Taking that extra time to do stuff just for yourself has more positive effect than you realise.

Work out

When I used to work out regularly before lockdown, I knew how much exercise improved my mood. It’s amazing how fast your mood can change after a good workout session. Despite the fact that gyms are not exactly safe, you can still get a great session outdoors. So, hit the park or take a run. Whatever it is, you’re gonna feel so much better at the afterwards.

In conclusion, self-care doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. It can just be as simple as taking that extra step for yourself. With consistent practice, you’ll come out as a wholesome person.

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7 Cheap Ways To Practice Self Care Daily

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